any thoughts on addiction to the taste of coffee?

Ben J Asked: any thoughts on addiction to the taste of coffee?

whats your experience with it? im trying to overcome cravings for coffee, the strange thing is that its been 7 month since i last had a cup. i never cared about the caffeine, it was all about the taste for me. see, i was a home roaster so i got coffee from many places, got it on the net in the form of green unroasted beans and the whole thing was really about Connoisseurship and having an elite hobby. i did it for two years and was pretty much totally obsessed with every aspect of making coffee and real espresso. and i decided it was best to quit mainly because i was noticing how utterly obsessed with it i was, that and i was suffering from acid reflux and severe fatigue, both of which i no longer am experiencing in part to do with the absence of coffee as well as a drastic diet change that i implemented about two monthsafter i stopped coffee. i now am on the raw food vegan diet. not 100% raw yet, about 40%. anyhow, im really struggling with the temptation to drink coffee again cuz i really miss the taste. and no, there is no substitute for the coffee i was making, it was the best coffee one could hope to ever make in their own home! iv'e tried the barley tea and other toasted grain drinks. so far the best thing i have found-which does not taste like coffee but i have grown to love it- is a "tea" called yerba mate.

my wish is that i could somehow overcome whatever emosional attachment to the taste of coffee that is keeping me prisoner! i just want to move on and stop wanting coffee. i feel like i have a very similar addiction pattern as maybe an alcoholic, its getting to be a daily struggle to abstain. its just so nostalgic for me it doesn't seem to matter how much time goes by.


cera Answered:
well. life is short. if you want a coffee. have a coffee. it's not like we're discussing meth or something. but, if you don't want the side effects of coffee, why not try decaff, too prudish for a decaf? then just don't drink the stuff…. take your mind off it…. exercise, drink water idk. i mean, be strong, you can do it lol. maybe get a new "elite" hobby. but honestly, one cup a day won't kill you.

Jerry Answered:
Decaf; Folgers is reputedly the lowest in caffeine, but I use Nescafe. Acid reflux; see &

The Chair Wizard IX IS CLOSER TO THE EDGE Answered:
Hazelnut espresso hot chocolate…

C Alliss Answered:
Holy water

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