Best alternative milk for hot coffee?

Got Pomchi Asked: Best alternative milk for hot coffee?

I am trying out alternatives for my regular whole cow’s milk.I drink a LOT of coffee and really love it. I have an espresso maker and have at least 6 lattes a day. I don’t care about calories or nutritional content really, but wanted to try out living with less dairy to see if it made a difference since one of my friends has been raving about how different she feels after giving it up. I tried almond milk and the texture just didn’t work hot. It tastes great in iced coffee, but I usually heat lattes to almost boiling and it just got kind of…off. Thanks!


Colleen E Answered:
I like non dairy creamers like Coffee Mate Hazelnut or Irish Cream…mmmm..

BabyLove S Answered:
try Rice or Soy milk. they are better for you, and lesser in calories.

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