Best coffee to buy at the grocery store?

Question by SportsGeek: Best coffee to buy at the grocery store?
I just got a coffee maker for Christmas and I am pretty excited. I have usually either just drank tea or when I did drink coffee, I drank instant coffee. What is the best stuff to buy? I bought a bag of Starbucks vanilla flavored coffee, is Starbucks the best to buy at the grocery store or is there a better? I heard Dunkin Donuts coffee is only good at Dunkin Donuts and that its not as good when you brew it yourself at home, any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Answer by JJ

I like a darker roast. Ethiopian beans are the best in my opinion which I usually get at what we call “Kensington Market” in Toronto. In my opinion, it is best to try to enjoy the ground bean without the added flavour. Not everyone is a coffee drinker though, and it may take time to acquire the taste to be able to drink coffee sans extra sugary flavorings. I like buying the beans whole and grinding them at home so they stay fresher. It really makes a difference. I don’t roast my own though, although, some people do for that extra extra freshness. I would go for the loose beans in your grocery store. I go for the “bold” If you are a tea drinker though, you may want to start with the light or medium until you become accustomed to the more bold flavour.

Take advantage of samplings so you can see what your taste is. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a sample either.

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