Black Tie Premium Coffee (1 Lb.)

Black Tie Premium Coffee (1 Lb.)

Black Tie Premium Coffee (1 Lb.)

  • 16 Oz (One Pound)
  • “Best Coffee in Oregon” Award Winner
  • Subtle fruit undertones with tangerine, plum, and apricot
  • Hand roasted to order, medium roast
  • Award-Winning Roaster

Recently won “Best Coffee in Oregon” Silver Medal, 2011.

With caramel and cherry brandy hints, copious dark chocolate and the depth of a medium roast, Black Tie Roast delivers smooth flavor without bitterness. It has great mouth feel, with Brazil nut, subtle tangerine, caramel, plum and apricot flavors.

Black Tie lovers also say things like “my friends loved it” and “I can’t believe how good it is.”Black Tie impresses people at the office or at an occasion as it appeals to almost any coffee drinker. Great whether dripped through your pour-over, steeped in a french press, or squeezed through your espresso machine. Black Tie is impeccable, smooth, and delicious.


From “Daily Shot of Coffee”

“Black Tie Roast started out with a smooth, nutty aroma. I picked up scents from all over the spectrum, including a distinctive chocolate aroma and a serious amount of fruit. So far, so good.

I was impressed from the first sip. This coffee was extra, extra smooth with a medium body.

It was packed with flavors. There was a dark chocolate taste, an earthy flavor, some hints of fruit (think cherries or strawberries covered in chocolate) and a dash of smokiness. They weren’t lying about the background flavors,

I know all those flavors may sounds a little bit weird thrown together, but when it’s just hints, they combined well to make a delicious cup of coffee.”

Mike, “Daily Shot of Coffee”


“These beans smell as good as any I can recall – they have that sweet caramel and nut dry aroma that really gets me excited. I get moderate acidity with a sweet finish, good body and clarity in a tightly knit and clean cup. As it cools the cup remains free from any bitterness whatsoever. After cooling a citrus note (the subtle tangerine found in the roaster’s description perhaps?) found in the initial taste rises to prominence even though the caramel sweetness is influential to the taste as a deeper layer.”

EricBNC, on

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