Brewing Coffee With French Press

One substitute of coffee brewing is French Press. Coffee lovers who have tried are raving about it. But if you don’t have any idea about it, for starters, French Press is a large cylindrical pot that has a press in the top portion of it. You fill it with hot water and ground coffee beans then you push down the press to separate the coffee grounds from the water to take out the final brew.

It may initially be intimidating, but truth be told, it is very convenient to use and has uncomplicated maintenance. Another good thing about it that people are raving about is the fact that it’s environment-friendly since you don’t use paper filters which you usually throw away every time.

You can grind fresh beans with the grinder you already have at home, and then you can put in the ground coffee beans in the bottom of your French Press. From that point, you can pour hot water into the French Press. You should have it sit for around 4 minutes for an average-sized French Press, after so, you push down the press filter directly. Keep in mind to push the press straight down with moving it to the side. Otherwise, you will be releasing the grinds as you plunge.

After doing it all successfully, you can now have the final brew which you can pour into your coffee mug. And because the essential oils of coffee are not filtered out in the process, the brew comes out rich and very flavorful. These oils give coffee the robustness and depth that coffee lovers are rooting for. Other conventional coffee machines filter these oils out through the paper, decreasing the richness and depth to the coffee flavor.

Another thing that makes a French Press stand out among other coffee machines is the control you have over the brewing process. It’s up to you what temperature you use for your water, but make sure that you don’t use boiling water as it can burn the coffee grounds. Also, you have the control over the span of time it steeps in extracting the taste.

These are just some of the many reasons to love French Press. Try it for taste, so you don’t miss out on all the coffee goodness.

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