Buying Coffee Direct From The Source

Did you ever think how much you can save by buying coffee directly from the course instead of the supermarket? You can actually save significant amount of money especially when you buy in bulk, at least 10 to 15 pounds in a single purchase.

When buying from a supermarket, did it ever occur to you that those beans were ground months ago and have been sitting in shelves for a while already? Just by smelling it, you can expect that the flavor and quality is not as good as when it is bought fresh and direct from the distributor.

What kind of coffee do you usually buy? Dark and robust or light and mild? Do some research online about sellers of particular types of bean, contact the closest to you, and you can enjoy it fresh from the source. We all know that coffee’s flavor and quality is at its peak after being roasted.

You might not find sellers anywhere nearby, but you can have it shipped from elsewhere. It’s still better since you can immediately have it in even just a day.

Just keep in mind to not buy more than you can consume within a month since they tend to lose their flavor with time. If you think 10-25 pounds is too much for a one-month consumption, you can share an order with someone else, a friend, perhaps.

Coffee tastes best when brewed right after grinding it, so it is recommended to buy your beans whole and get yourself a good coffee grinder.

Heed these advices so you get to save money and savor the taste of fresh gourmet coffee direct from the source.

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