Coffee and Relating To People

We all have our own reason why we go to work. We have plates to fill, mouths to feed, bills to pay, and the list goes on. Sometimes, even though we have so many passions in life that we want to pursue, we just have to put them on the back burner.

We go to work, wearing the long faces that we seem to have been plastering on our faces since week 1 of our adult lives. “How can I keep myself sane?” you mumble as you enter your cubicle. It’s another one of those boring days, you notice.

Then you see one of your colleagues headed to the coffee vending machine. You see it in his eyes, he’s as bored as you are. Actually, he seems to be a little irritated. You notice him squinting, and you approach him. You talk about the party you know he has been to last night. All of a sudden, you feel good. Then someone barges in, another one of your officemates. The three of you burst in laughter because of something that officemate of you blurted out. The point of this story?

Sharing coffee in the workplace is what makes most of us have at least a bearable day at work. There are even people who won’t drink coffee when alone in public. Coffee is something that brings us together, and brightens our day. Coffee alone can do that, of course, but toss in some conversation with friends and everything is better.

Every employer should know about this, so they could know just how significant putting coffee stations in the office is. Certainly, they cannot overlook the quality of the coffee they provide!