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Thermal Gourmet Coffee Maker

Thermal gourmet coffee makers are one of the things every coffee lover must have. This is not like an ordinary coffee maker that you can buy from Wal-Mart, albeit you can buy it at Wal-Mart. This coffee pot tends to be very unique and special.

However, there is no burner on this particular coffeemaker to keep the coffee warm. The coffee pot is a big thermal mode which contains a closable lid, and it’s keeping the coffee warm.

It’s a slow drip maker that is suitable for any kind of coffee. Your coffee can stay warm for hours on end. If you live in a two or three-story house, you can actually take the coffee pot with you even upstairs. Make sure, though, that you keep the lid tight when you’re not pouring the coffee. Doing so locks in the heat and moisture. The flavor will roast all by itself.

The moment you start pouring the coffee from the thermal gourmet pot, the sound and smell of the coffee will send you to coffee heaven right off the bat. Putting this coffee pot down will be almost impossible. And when you have a not-so-fresh coffee and you are trying to warm it up, it will still leave you in awe.

Supermarkets like Target and Wal-Mart have this coffeemaker. Shelling out money for this particular appliance will all be worth it. Make sure you get sturdy and high-quality ones. It’s better to spend more and have the product working efficiently for years and years than spend a little less and get shortchanged on the quality. I have one at home that’s at least seven years old, but works just like it did the first day I used it. You can spend between $80 and $130 on this coffee maker. It’s a bit pricy, but I tell you it’s worth it.

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Fair Trade Coffee

The pressure of our daily lives can get exhausting. Nonetheless, you can treat and pamper yourself once in a while. But with ground coffee, treating yourself can be done every single day. You need not go to a high-end coffee house just to try the finest coffees for taste. You can do it even in the comfort of your own home and even office. It may be a simple pleasure, but it’s still a pleasure.

As you probably know at this moment, the secret behind a good cup of coffee is the coffee bean used. You can either opt for strong and robust ones that give a kick in the morning or choose something mild to calm your nerves at the end of a hard day’s work. Decaffeinated coffee is also available for those who aren’t huge fans of caffeine such as those who need to ditch it for medical reasons or those who find it hard to sleep, but rest assured that you still get the flavor of coffee that you are rooting for.

Coffee generates profits into the people have a hard time running into employment opportunities.  The Fair-trade coffee aids in improving the amenities of the community these people live in. These farmers who do coffee cherry picking are paid well for their hard works.

Most of the products that are associated with the Fair-trade trademark see to it that the local health services are improved. To make sure of this, they give money to clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals. Some put money into taking care of the forests so that the future generations can also get the chance to benefit from what forests bring such as its natural beauty, the food it provides, and the job opportunity it gives to us people.

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Gourmet Coffee Franchises

Gourmet coffee franchises can be good investment opportunity, but too much of a good thing can turn out to be a negative, especially with the saturation in the market. If you’re planning on investing in a gourmet coffee franchise then there are several things you can do first to increase your chances of success.

The profit margins in the gourmet coffee business are high, the demand is high, and so naturally the competition is high. There are two great circumstances where you can make a gourmet or specialty coffee franchise work to your advantage

The first circumstance is the best, but not very common. This includes being the first in a certain area to open a gourmet coffee franchise where there is sufficient demand to support your business. This allows you to steal practically all the market share and you need not endure the pressure of competition. If you’re feeling that you are in this situation then it would be an ideal move forward and invest in a gourmet coffee franchise.

The second situation takes place more often. Where there is a high demand, it follows that there is also a lot of competition. Don’t think that competition is a bad thing right off the bat because it is not. It only indicates that a gourmet coffee business actually booms in that place. But you should take someone else’s market share to become successful.

There’s only a single way to go about this. You should offer the customers something extra they cannot get elsewhere. This can be a more competitive price, more convenience, a relaxing ambiance, or a specific type of specialization or other innovative idea. Do so and your chances of success will certainly shoot up. Otherwise, you chances of surviving in business at all will be very low.

That said, in terms of evaluating gourmet coffee franchises, you have to observe your area and calculate even in estimates the demand and competition. After which, observe other coffee franchises that offer competitive benefits in your area. Start a franchise that is able to compete in the cutthroat market by giving something better to the customers. Keep all of the above in mind when evaluating different gourmet coffee franchises.

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Gourmet Decaffeinated Coffee

If you have an immense love of coffee and all of a sudden, your body doesn’t participate and the doctor tells you to stay away from caffeine, then yo’’re probably feeling like an elephant is sitting on your chest.

Coffee is a darling to many and is a staple in people’s daily routine. To some, it’s the kick that caffeine gives to jumpstart the day or wake up their sleepyheads. To others, it’s the flavor and aroma that are just way too enticing. If you must eliminate caffeine, but luckily, you belong to the ‘others’, then you can still enjoy your daily coffee run as gourmet coffee now come id decaffeinated versions.

Gourmet coffee manufacturers has come up with the idea to cater to all people including those who can’t have caffeine in their systems. However, the taste of decaffeinated coffees is slightly different from that of regular caffeinated ones but the flavor and aroma are up to par.

There are two methods of decaffeinating coffee and they are done before roasting the beans, thus, losing some of the flavors. One method makes use of a solvent to absorb caffeine from the beans and then the beans are washed to get rid of the solvent.

The other method is called Swiss Water. No chemical is used in this method. Instead, the beans are being treated with hot water and steam to take away the caffeine. In this process, coffee beans are likely to lose their oils in which substantial flavors lie.

You can still have flavorful coffee beans though even when you decaffeinate them, provided you only use ones that are of excellent quality. This is mainly the reason why decaffeinated gourmet coffee is rather pricier than the regular ones, but it is worth every penny. No argument there.

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Brewing Coffee At Home

If you purchase whole beans of a supermarket coffee and do the brewing at home, your daily coffee habit will only equal about 18 cents per cup, that’s $65 a year. Gourmet coffee is priced a little higher, around 27 cents per cup (about $100 a year), which is still dramatically less than purchasing coffee from some fancy international chains.

Trusted gourmet coffee sellers are careful about choosing, roasting and packaging their beans to make sure that the quality and freshness of their products are top-of-the-line. The premium price over supermarket brands is well worth the distinct goodness in taste, aroma and robust flavor.

When you brew your gourmet coffee at home, it gives you total control over what goes in your cup.

For example, you can use your chosen sweetener instead of settle for the processed brown or white cane sugar found in majority of coffee shops. Go for organic honey instead, considering it is much healthier and gives your coffee an extra layer of flavor without turning your coffee into a sweet, syrupy drink. Ugh.

Home brewing will undoubtedly enhance your coffee experience. With no tantalizing shelves of delectable baked treats to distract you from enjoying your coffee, you can delight in the aroma and savor the full flavor of your coffee.

Majority of gourmet coffee sellers offer different roasts and beans from some of the finest coffee estates in the world. Without burning a hole in your pocket, you can enjoy Hawaiian Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee or even a Kenyan variety any day of the week. And you need not go any farther than your kitchen, or a dollar over your budget.

That being said, the next time you feel like indulging in a freshly brewed cup of gourmet cup of Joe, go to your kitchen instead of the coffee shop in town. You save yourself the trip, energy, and a sizeable amount of money while at it.

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Gourmet Coffee and Supermarket Coffee

Apparently, regular supermarket coffee are the most purchased coffee, and we know all too well it’s not because of the quality or taste. More often than not, people opt for it mainly because of the easy access and its low price.

But what if gourmet coffee came in at a low price, guaranteed fresh, and easily purchased from any grocery store, would you still choose the supermarket coffee? Avail yourself of gourmet coffee at a much lower price straight from a coffee distributor and spare yourself a significant amount of money and time while making sure you get the best coffee available. What makes gourmet coffee different from supermarket in the first place, you may ask.

For starters, gourmet coffee is normally bought as whole beans and it’s up to you what consistency you want it ground. It comes in an array of blends and flavors. Typically, gourmet coffee are made from Arabica beans and are handpicked that is why they are priced rather higher than their supermarket counterparts, but don’t let the price hold you back from purchasing.

Gourmet coffee is known for its tiptop quality and the taste is just more flavorful. The reason for this is because manufacturers roast the beans at a slow pace to draw out the distinct flavors.

On the other hand, supermarket coffee beans are made out of Robusta beans. They are grown massively, harvested hastily and handled in a less subtle manner. People who buy this kind of coffee claim that they can manipulate the taste of their coffee simply by adjusting the amount of water. But to have a flavorful cup of Joe, you must have flavorful beans to begin with.

Having a taste for finer things in life isn’t always just plain luxury. Sometimes, to be able to live life to the fullest, you need to go out of your league and try not depriving yourself all the time. Plus, you wouldn’t be spending a fortune with a single bag of gourmet coffee beans. You should try it for taste!

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Coffee Arabica

Coffee has a lot of disagreements with its history especially when you talk about the details. But one thing many coffee lovers agree on, that Arabian coffee or Coffee Arabica is one of the finest coffees worldwide.

It has been said that Arabia was the first country to cultivate and commercialize coffee, hence its name. There are many different types of coffee plants but only Arabica and Robusta are the ones used for coffee, Arabian being the superior one.

Coffee drinking these days is so intricate that each cup of Joe you have is different from the other. This is yet another thing that makes coffee controversial and popular.

However, it all boils down to your personal preference with regard to the taste of coffee. And you are most likely to find what you desire in Arabian coffee. Coffee Arabica is so profitable that it makes up for approximately 80% of the coffee sale globally.

It is rather harder to cultivate in comparison to Robusta, causing it to be pricier. But the beans are of top quality. Growing it demands very specific conditions for its optimal growth. These demands include high elevations since the higher the altitude, the longer it takes for coffee beans to grow and mature. Thus, it gives these beans a longer time for its distinctiveness to infuse and turn up.

Every coffee has its differences and coffee Arabica primarily has three major varieties namely Caturra, Typica, and Bourbon. Despite the fact that they are of the same origin, they have distinct characteristics from each other and true blue coffee lovers are able to know and distinguish them one by one.

The only problem you will surely have is once you opt for Coffee Arabica, all the other inferior coffee won’t be enough for you!

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Tidbits About Gourmet Coffee Beans

Choosing the perfect gourmet coffee beans may seem quite difficult especially if you have a really discriminating taste. But that’s not always the case. Here are some tips you can heed.

First, get to know more about gourmet coffee beans. Know that not all coffee beans are grown in just one particular area in the world. That being said, bear in mind that the quality of coffee beans hugely depend on the place they are grown, cultivated, and processed. By the way, the word “gourmet” is used to classify a food or drink according to the rarity or specialty.

There are more than 6,000 variants of coffee beans, and only a few are considered “gourmet”. Arabica and Robusta are among them, they are the most commonly used worldwide.

Arabica beans are popular for their body and subtle flavor. These beans are cultivated in Central and South America. They are fragile though as they are vulnerable to certain disease, pests, and the like so cultivating them needs more devotion and attention.

Robusta beans, true to their name, have robust flavors and strong aroma. They are cultivated in Indonesia, Brazil, Africa, and Vietnam. The plant is sturdy and resilient unlike Arabica beans.

These two are just example of the many flavorful coffee beans. Each type can give you a different coffee experience. If I were you, I’d try every coffee bean available so I would know which suits my liking best.

Gourmet coffee beans are generally more expensive than the usual ones found at the grocery store. But it’s not high-end coffee-shop expensive, so don’t worry. You can even avail of them online, and get the fresh coffee beans straight from the source. Coffee drinkers save significant amounts of money doing this, as compared to having your coffee run in luxurious coffee shops regularly.

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Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets

We don’t want to give the same stuff time and again when it comes to gift-giving, and receiving such can also be a bummer.

The first thing you need to take into consideration though to know what interests the person you’re giving a gift to. Buying luxurious items can be something, but it’s somewhat impractical especially if it can’t be used regularly. Money is hard nowadays, so it’s best to give gifts that can be used on a daily basis.

Almost everyone drinks coffee. If you’re having a rather hard time looking for the perfect this year, why don’t you try giving gourmet coffee gift baskets for taste? Try giving a gift basket stuffed with gourmet coffee and coffee goodies and you’re sure to make someone glad.

There are tons of coffee gift baskets online and in stores to choose from. But your best bet would be going directly to the source or the coffee roaster to get the freshest coffee products available.

In getting coffee gifts, don’t just settle with ones that are accessible and available but don’t exactly have good quality. When shopping for gourmet coffee gift baskets, there are factors you need to consider such as the freshness of the product, so it’s best you get from the direct source.

Also, the price should be reasonable, that’s why it is recommended that you ask around to be able to compare prices.

If your local store doesn’t offer these kinds of coffee gift baskets, you can always look for alternatives from other places and have it delivered. The shipping price should also be reasonable and it’s better if you buy in bulk so you can have some to keep for yourself! 🙂

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Gourmet Coffee Essentials

Any coffee drinker would not be alien to the idea of gourmet coffees. But it can’t be denied that one gets curious as to what makes coffee become a gourmet coffee. One might consider the beans, the roasting process, the grinding, flavor as well as the freshness of the beans. The answer is all that has been mentioned above.

The true thing is that all of the aforementioned characteristics are greatly considered in making these types of coffees. After all, they won’t be called gourmet coffees if they did not possess any extraordinary attributes.

First to give consideration to are the type of beans needed to make these types of coffee. As you may have heard before two types of coffee are being sold commercially out there in the market, these are Robusta and Arabica. Robusta is the main type that is used to make every day instant coffee while Arabica is mainly used for gourmet coffees. What is the difference between the two? Unlike its Robusta counterpart, the Arabica is grown only in high altitude areas that are located in tropical as well as sub-tropical places in the world. These growing conditions coupled with the soil type are able to produce quality beans that are needed to make unique flavors that are commonly associated with gourmet coffees.

Like grapes need different regions to be able to be made into wine, there are also different areas these coffee beans need to grow at for them to be made into gourmet coffees. Many countries grow the Arabica but three major areas are to be considered the most abundant. These are the:

*South and Central Americas- The coffee beans grown in this area are known for its acidity, crispness, spicy side and the much needed quality. Some of the well-known coffee are the Columbian Supremo and Costa Rican Tarrazu.

*Africa and Arabia- This coffee are able to provide a variety of flavors, mellow taste and delicate balance between acidity and body. The gourmet that are famous in these areas are the Yemen Mocha and Kenyan AA.

*Pacific- These types of beans offer rich and full-flavored gourment coffees which include the Sumatran Mandheling and Hawaiian Kona.

Also these beans are roasted in various and unique ways greatly depending on where it is grown.

Gourmet Coffee Essentials


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