Coffee Basics For Newbies

Gourmet coffee is all about the right coffee beans. For amateurs, the wide array of choices can be overwhelming. Let’s narrow down the choices with these categories.

African – has acidic and fruity undertones. Examples include coffees from Kenya and Ethiopia.

Indonesian – has an earthy flavor. Examples are Sumatra and Java.

Central American – has a mild and somewhat nutty taste. Americans are accustomed to Colombian coffee. Beans from Brazil are less expensive but with lower quality, but some produces are getting better.

Always see to it that you buy freshly roasted whole beans, regardless of where they were grown. Proper storage is required to maintain freshness. Grind your beans just before you brew. Try to grind only as much as you need at the moment. Ground beans lose flavor quite faster than whole beans

Unless you’re a connoisseur, you must go for roasted beans. Darker roasts are popular for gourmet flavor, although the three most popular roasts include:

  • light American roast;
  • medium roast; and
  • full city (dark) roast.

French roast is another one of the most popular roasts. French roast brews extremely dark, having a smooth, caramelized flavor.

You may be lucky enough to find a local roaster near your residence that can help you through the multiple choices and give you freshly roasted gourmet beans. Or, you can find great choices from world class online coffee merchants who are great with choosing the best beans and roasting them to perfection, to have them shipped directly to you, fresh and ready to grind for the perfect brew.

To cut to the chase, the beast and easiest way to learn about the taste is to purchase a single serve coffee maker. By doing so, you can enjoy various brews, one cup at a time. You can buy prepackaged coffee ready to brew by merely touching a button. The three types of one cup makers include Keurig, Tassimo and pod makers.