Coffee Beans – The Champagne of the Coffee World

Article by Gareth Hoyle

If you like the best in life or want something luxurious every day, coffee beans can be the treat you are looking for. Although it may seem like something small, the flavour from the freshly ground beans can really add a little something extra special in your day. Many people choose to give these special beans as gifts simply because the flavour is so much more powerful. If you are planning on treating yourself, or looking to serve the best coffee to your customers it is worth knowing a little about the different types that are available.

Buying in Bulk for Business

To cut down on the cost of coffee beans it is possible to buy in larger packs. This is a great way to cut down on the cost. You can then use the beans at your leisure, and even pass on the savings to your customers with special offers.

A nice idea is to have a special every week which gives your customers the chance to try something new. You can use this to see which flavours are the most popular and encourage your regulars to experiment with the different coffees that you have for sale. These promotions can be extremely successful and help to give you an edge over the local competition.

Experiment with Flavours

The beauty of buying fresh coffee beans is that it gives you the chance to experiment. If you have a mixer or coffee grinder you can create your own unique blended coffee to enjoy in your home or to sell to your customers. Simply try out different spices to create your own special coffee and play around until you find something that really hits the spot. Just remember to make a note of the ingredients and amounts that you use.

Recommended Beans to Try

There are many companies who offer coffee beans from various locations over the world. Knowing which to try is difficult, especially if you are new to the coffee world. It is a good idea to look out for highly recommended products and those which have won awards for their flavour. Saying that it is always worth trying something new as everyone has different tastes and some gems are still waiting to be discovered by the masses.

Kenya is well-known for their coffee and there are many instant granules available on the shelves of supermarkets. Buy the roasted beans to taste the flavours at their best. Grind them in an automatic or hand operated blender, or simply place in your coffee machine if it has a grinder inbuilt. Italian coffee tastes great after dinner and is the perfect way to end a meal. The dark tones and rich flavour is luxurious and they are often awarded for their excellent blends.

Whether you are treating your family or buying for business coffee beans are the cream of the crop when it comes to coffee. Whether you like your flavours strong, bitter, smooth or acidic there are coffee beans for everyone.

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