Coffee for Culinary Purposes

Coffee used to be for drinking purposes alone, but not anymore. Coffee lovers just can’t get enough of it that they’re no longer satisfied with merely drinking it, they apparently came up with a brilliant idea and used it for cooking! Brilliant it is.

Before, after having brewed coffee and enjoying it, coffee grounds and leftover coffee are put to trash. But it’s not the case any longer, it can now be used as an essential food ingredient.

When using coffee for culinary purposes, some helpful and no-nonsense tips should be taken into consideration and followed.

Coffee is used in making dishes that have meat since it paves way for better absorption of flavor and spices. You can give pot roasts, stews, soups, chili, and beans some oomph to its flavor using strongly brewed coffee. To get fuller flavor, go for ground coffee beans instead of the instant ones. Since instant coffee is the polished version, significant aroma and flavor are less compared to the freshly ground ones. It can still be used in cooking though, turn it into an espresso and you’re good to go.

Also, when you plan on having it as an ingredient in a certain dish, make it much stronger than you normally would have if it was intended for drinking so the aroma and flavor will linger since coffee practically mellows down when cooked.

It can also be used in baking. A lot of pastries and cakes have coffee variants available in the market today. When making cookie dough, dissolve ground coffee using water or coffee liqueur. Flavoring it is all up toy, you can put in sugar, butter, pretty much anything you want. Like I said, coffee-flavored cakes are found everywhere. When making them, vigorously crush the coffee beans first.

Mix coffee only with white or unsweetened chocolate when making chocolate desserts. Otherwise, the chocolate flavor will overpower the coffee.

There are many other new ways to use coffee, cooking is just one of them. That’s how good coffee can get.

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