Coffee Fundraiser – Big Profits for Your Church, School, Club or Group

Consider what an extra $2K, $5K or even $10K per year could do to help your organization cover overhead, afford capitol expenditure, or provide a cushion for your tight budgets. By partnering with the Organic Fair Trade Coffee Company, your organization can easily run with our coffee fundraiser package and make substantial profits. Our “Righteous Bean” coffee is 100% certified Organic and Fair Trade, and a portion of the proceeds support Coffee Kids, an organization helping to make a better life for women and children.

You can be a hero by bringing this idea to your group or organization, when they see what a money maker this turn key program can be. Your group will get our wholesale non-profit pricing and sell coffee to your members, who are already buying and drinking coffee on a daily basis. Why not have the advantage of a buying club using our coffee fundraiser? And the best part is that there are no upfront costs or minimum orders. You collect all the money and keep the profit before sending in the order.

With the help of a volunteer coordinator from your group, your membership orders their monthly supply of coffee. We provide all the order forms, support and of course, the coffee – everything you need to make your coffee fundraiser a success. Choose from our world coffees of Breakfast Blend, Mountain Medley, Ethiopian, Guatemalan, Mexican, Sumatran and decaf Sumatran.

Our wholesale non-profit pricing is available to you, with shipping included, so there is no need to factor in additional cost calculations. With our fundraiser package, you can make $15 profit on each bag sold and that can really add up. Even 10 bags a month brings in $150 or $1800 per year! Maybe you can do 20, 30 or even 50 bags with a net profit of $9000.

Consider the potential benefit, value and relief that this additional money can do for your organization. Virtually everyone is already buying and drinking coffee. Your group can make a great profit and afford to make that extra needed purchase that you didn’t quite have the money for. Whether you need uniforms, choir dress, instruments, furniture, or want to use your profit for supporting your bottom line budget, the choice is yours.

Partner today with the Organic Fair Trade Coffee Company and launch your coffee fundraiser. Together we can make it happen. Contact us at or 616-949-0834.

The Organic Fair Trade Coffee Company at, has been in business since 2007 and supplies retail and wholesale customers with organic and fair trade products.