Coffee Travel Mugs

Having coffee travel mugs are a remarkable way to save money. Financial issues compel us to be wiser with everything we do today. Majority of people are cutting back on all sorts of little pleasures in life and coffee is sadly among those. If you are a regular coffee drinker, this is one of your surefire ways to dramatically spare some money in your pocket without having to give up your beloved cup of Joe.

Coffee is an industry that makes a huge amount of money in a year. A certain research from the National Coffee Association suggests that around 54% of American adults drink coffee on a daily basis. And only fewer than 18% of which drink gourmet coffee daily. Additionally, such coffee drinkers have their cup of coffee three times a day.

Estimates differ in terms of the precise amount of money usually spent on coffee. Such estimates range from two to five thousand bucks per year. Say, a person shells out a buck fifty for a cup of coffee at the local coffee shack. With three cups every day, that would end up being over $1800 per year. It would be even costlier once you’ve upgraded to gourmet coffee which would be as much $4. Three cups of it every single day would turn out to be more than five grand a year. With the economy dwindling, five grand is a lot. A coffee travel mug can drastically lower your cost.

A decent travel mug is priced from fifteen to twenty-five bucks. A cup of homemade coffee costs around forty-five cents. Utilizing the same formula used by the previous ones, you would end up spending only below $500.

Another upside to it besides your savings is the fact that it can pave way for you to play around with the drink to come up with one that suit your discriminating taste the most. And you wouldn’t have to wait in lines!

To conclude, coffee travel mugs can make you cave a significant amount of money without giving up the little luxury that you totally love having — coffee.

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