Having Coffee At Work Makes Work Bearable

We all have our reasons to show up at work. Most certainly, we need to make a living, we have our families to provide for and support, the list goes on. Even though there are millions of things in our to-do list, we have to delay them just to be able to make money for now.

We work and we always have that long face we seem to perpetually wear. The face that’s getting stale and stinky already. Oh, the effect of wear and tear. You get to thinking it’s another manic day at work. You feel meh. You feel blah. And it doesn’t change as you enter your own little cubicle.

Hours have gone by, and no matter the pile of papers you have to get busy on, you still feel terribly bored. You see your officemate towards the direction of the coffee machine, your eyes meet. Yes, anytime is coffee time. You try to strike up a conversation. Small talks can’t be eluded, but you get past it in no time. Then all of a sudden, someone else joins in on the conversation. Your exchange of mumbo-jumbos is slowly becoming the highlight of your day.

I’m just gonna cut to the chase and make my point here. Sharing coffee in the workplace is what makes most of us have at least a bearable day at work. There are even people who won’t drink coffee when alone in public. Coffee is something that brings us together, and brightens our day. Coffee alone can do that, of course, but toss in some conversation with friends and everything is better.

Every employer should know about this, so they could know just how significant putting coffee stations in the office is. Certainly, they cannot overlook the quality of the coffee they provide!