Decaf Coffee

“Coffee without caffeine is like chocolate without chocolate.” You think?

Coffee is everybody’s pick-me-upper in the morning. The caffeine it contains has the kick we all root for. However, there are still people who aren’t huge fans of caffeine because of the side effects like palpitation. They don’t mind it now, though, since they can still have the full flavor of coffee minus the bothering side effects of caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee is their go-to.

Caffeine has a great impact on the nervous system. The energy it gives us helps us in our daily tasks. It can penetrate into the bloodstream only temporarily since it can be excreted. In addition to these, it can help relieve headache, it adds up to the effectiveness of analgesics and majority of migraine medications have it as an ingredient.

While the stimulatory effect it has is the main thing people rave about coffee, it can also be the thing that drives some people away. Caffeine, especially in massive amounts, can cause major tension and anxiety and can also increase the production of urine and gastric acid.

Caffeinated drinks before bedtime can also bring about insomnia, affecting out performance the day after. Arrhythmia is another serious thing it can cause, especially to those who are diagnosed with heart ailments. When you cling to caffeine and instantly rid yourself of it, you could be suffering from withdrawal symptoms which include depression and fatigue.

Decaffeination is done through a chemical process. Say, a coffee bean is run through water or a steam to make it swell. Caffeine will be extracted using water or any solvent after that. And then, the beans are washed to get rid of the solvents, then dried. It can then be roasted.

The process drastically lessens the amount of caffeine in a product without having to remove the fullness of the flavor. By then, caffeine-sensitive people can tolerate it due to it caffeine content being very little already. It could still have stimulating effects but they will be very minimal.

All the coffee lovers today can enjoy their coffee, be it the strong caffeinated version or the mild and decaffeinated, but the flavor is always there.

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