Decaffeinated Coffee

Coffee almost always perks anyone up in the morning. The caffeine in it gives the kick we all love. Unfortunately to some, caffeine causes unlikeable effects such as palpitations. In spite of it, some people just can’t rid themselves of coffee because of its pleasurable flavor, since they can always go for decaffeinated coffee.

Caffeine can affect one’s nervous system that’s why it is often used as a pick-me-upper. It gives us the alertness we need in order for us to concentrate on our daily tasks. It can penetrate into the bloodstream temporarily since it can be excreted.

Another good thing about it is that it can help relieve headache, it adds up to the effectiveness of analgesics and majority of migraine medications have it as an ingredient.

However, its stimulatory effects can also be the disadvantage. Caffeine, especially in massive amounts, can cause major tension and anxiety and can also increase the production of urine and gastric acid. Consuming caffeinated drinks before hitting the sack also causes insomnia which makes our performance the following day suffer. Another serious thing it can cause is arrhythmia, especially to people with heart conditions.

When you become dependent on caffeine and abruptly rid yourself of it, you might have withdrawal symptoms which include depression and fatigue.

Decaffeination is done through a chemical process. For example, a coffee bean is run through water or a steam to make it swell. Caffeine is then extracted using water or any solvent. After which, the beans are washed to remove the solvents, then dried thereafter. It can then be roasted.

The process dramatically lowers the amount of caffeine in a product without disturbing the flavor. By then, caffeine-sensitive people can tolerate it due to it caffeine content being very little already. It may still stimulate but the effects are very minimal.

All the coffee lovers today can enjoy their cup of Joe, be it the strong caffeinated version or the mild and decaffeinated yet still flavorful.

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