Diabetes and coffee: caffeine and how it affects your blood sugar

Are you controlling your blood sugar?

If you are pre-diabetic or living with diabetes
this is some diabetes news
you NEED to read.
It’s not so much the coffee itself
but what is IN the coffee.
Specifically the type of caffeine!
This article will cover
caffeine and how it affects your blood sugar.

There have been several small studies that have linked caffeine intake to a rise in blood sugar levels in those who were already affected with Type 2 diabetes.

This was especially noticeable in the immediate hours after consuming a meal. The results of the study are shocking: the participants averaged an eight percent increase in blood sugar levels on the days they drank coffee as well as a nine to 26 percent increase in their blood sugar levels after meals.

If your glucose levels are poorly controlled in spite of all your efforts: smart dietary choices, regular exercise and oral diabetic medications – it may be beneficial to consider another coffee. But I know it is very hard to give up something you love.

However there is hope! There is coffee (tea and latte) that has been scientifically engineered to NOT affect blood glucose levels. An added bonus is this coffee can actually help you reduce body fat! It has been proven that most diabetics struggle with weight or controlling weight. This coffee is solution that “kills two birds with one stone.” You get to have your coffee and lose weight at the same time! This coffee is called Bskinny and was engineered by Boresha.

As if that isn’t enough, you can also benefit from the buffered caffeine in this product. What is buffered caffeine you ask? Buffered caffeine was designed by leading glycemic index researchers. Why is that important? Because energy drinks cause FAT-STORAGE in humans. What is the point of energizing the body and stimulating fat-storage at the same time?

This information is supported by the following legal claims about buffered caffeine:

Decreases fat cell size
Promotes fat cell breakdown
Boosts metabolism
Blunts the fat-storing effects of caffeine
Combats stress-related eating
Patented hunger control
Contains a certified Low Glycemic Matrix

Let’s face the reality folks: we are in the midst of an obesity / diabetic epidemic. If we do not make changes to our lifestyles the damage we are seeing now will be irreversible! The scary reality is the next generation of children is NOT expected to outlive their parents! Our children and our children’s children will suffer from our life choices. We MUST start controlling how we eat and use food as it is really intended: fuel for our bodies. Boresha has created products that will aid us in this correction. The only products like this in the world!

I hope this post has made it clear on how caffeine affects your blood sugar. DO NOT HESITATE to make a change TODAY! Let’s ensure our children have a chance to enjoy life! Order your risk free, money-back guaranteed Boresha product(s) today!
So it is possible to have diabetes, drink your coffee and control your blood sugar.

It is critical for diabets to control their blood sugar. Boresha Bskinny coffee can help diabetics control their blood sugar as well as help them start burning burning belly fat