Getting the Most Out of Your Decaf Coffee

As a true blue coffee lover, have you been sobbing decaf? There are rumors circulating that are good and bad about decaf coffee. Bad ones say not it contain harmful chemical, and there are ones that say there are coffee plants that naturally grow decaffeinated. Truth is, when you get the know-how of decaffeination process, you can then be able to make an educate decision in choosing decaf beans that are not only delectable, but they can be beneficial to the health as well.

One thing you should always make sure of so as to have a premium decaf cup of coffee is to have your beans always freshly roasted. You could come across a lot of websites that give decaf options of their gourmet beans that they usually freshly roast, hence making this the best way to go about getting your beans. Not to mention, buying decaf beans at the grocery store would mean that you are buying beans that have been sitting on the shelves for ages. The main reason behind this is because less attention has been given to decaf.

The process used in decaffeinating green coffee beans involves submerging them in water. This makes them swell, and they are usually soaked in a kind of solvent that could be either chemical or water. It will then be left to sit and make its way into the coffee beans, then it evaporates so as the green beans to dry out. This is by far the most effective in removing caffeine from coffee beans, but still seeing to it that it maintains its flavor.

Whenever you come across bag of coffee beans that have labels claiming they are naturally caffeinated, just know that they usually use ethyl acetate as a solvent that could be naturally found in vegetables and fruits, and Java, too.

It is even said that there is a new coffee plant that could potentially produce coffee with zero or little caffeine, which comes from Cameron. This is a tremendous way to grow specific plant varieties that have their own natural flavors that need not go through a decaffeination process, but it could have about 30% caffeine remaining. Is it legit? I don’t know. Let’s wait and see for ourselves.

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