Good Starbucks Birthday Coffee!?

Kiley R Asked: Good Starbucks Birthday Coffee!?

I have a coupon for my free starbucks drink, I want to use it for the best coffee ever! Any suggestions of Starbucks favorites? Howeveryouwantit’s?


Jake Answered:
Large White Chocolate Frappuccino.
With a shot of coffee.
With cream.
Seriously – Most amazing drink EVER invented!

FameMonster Answered:
You need to try the Caffe Vanilla Frap!!! It’s the most amazing drink ever!! I’m not even joking!! Order it with extra whip & if you love caramel order it with caramel on top. (: it’s amazing!

Becca Answered:
Ask if you can custom make one for your bday 🙂
get the new mocha coconut frappuccino
just tried it today and it was super goood!

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