Gourmet Coffee Beans: Elida Estate – Boquete Panama

Gourmet Coffee beans from Panama Elida is one of the finest gourmet estate specialty coffees in the world and consistently ranks above the rest. It finished 10th at the 2008 “Best of Panama” competition. It was 3rd at the 2007 “Best of Panama” cupping competition but was the first place non-gesha variety. At the 2005 SCAA it ranked 28th out of 350 coffees from 15 countries. In 2003, it was a top ten winner. An old established Familia Lamastus farm, it is also grown at the highest altitudes in the Boquete region between 5500 and 6000 feet. Rich mild flavor, medium body. Some have categorized it as the best coffee they have ever had. A perfect cup of coffee anytime. This coffee is once again being processed on the mountain and it tells!