Gourmet Coffee Categories

When we discuss the most loved gourmet coffees that are well-loved, it is safe to say that we can categorize them into four, namely the latte, cappuccino, espresso and flavored coffees. -. The latte is usually served in café, hence the name café latte. It is fundamentally a type of espresso mixed with hot milk and foam-covered at the top.

Cappuccino is quite the same with the latte and is composed of espresso and steaming milk mixed together. The main difference is that rather than being topped with frothy foam, it is usually garnished with either cinnamon or chocolate.

The espresso is described as a strong and powerful kind of coffee. It has a dark froth and you consume it in over four gulps while the flavored coffees have coffee where the respective flavors are incorporated. Among the variety of flavors that are utilized for this type of coffee are Irish cream, vanilla, chocolate, almonds, and caramel, among others.

You can purchase coffee by going to the supermarket and going online. You can place orders on the net and safe and quick delivery is almost always guaranteed. While at it, you can also search for new flavors of the gourmet coffee. No matter the sort of coffee that you buy, considering it is your own personal preference, but on a personal note, I would suggest you try out all the different flavors so as to find out what really tickles your fancy.

Who knows, whilst trying out new flavors you might find a new favorite! Comparisons among the variety of coffees can also be made. If you desire to send a gift basket to a friend, it’s so possible with just a click away! Any individual flavor/kind of gourmet coffee can be sent alone and also in the form of a gourmet coffee gift basket that has its different flavors that are sure to make the recipient’s heart jump in joy!