Gourmet Coffee Club Membership

Membership in a gourmet coffee club could be an intensely fun experience for those who are passionate for gourmet coffee. An awesome gift to someone is fresh, roast-to-order specialty coffee delivered to their doorstep every month. A coffee club membership is an ideal way for coffee lovers to try new coffees from across the globe!

For the majority of consumers, the choice of a gourmet coffee club relies upon a few factors like:

  1. Flexibility – You should have the option if you want whole or ground coffee beans, or if you want flavored or unflavored ones. You can either choose from regular or decaffeinated ones. What about different kinds of espresso coffees? The choices should not be limited.
  2. Cost – How much is the coffee club membership? If you look into it, is the pricing competitive for the same quality and coffee grade? Will that club ship coffee in 12 ounce bags or 16 ounce (1 pound) bags? The size of the bag makes a difference in the amount of coffee you enjoy and in the effective price per cup.
  1. Club policies – Are you okay with the refund policy of the club stated on their website. Before you have places your order, is it all clear to you? Can you place a pending order on hold? Can you modify the the quantity or selection of coffees they send you each month?
  2. Freshness – Among the greatest benefits of a coffee club membership is that top quality specialty coffee beans are roasted fresh after ordering them online. They pack and ship them the same day they are roasted. The roasted coffee you that you will be receiving is superior in taste to what you can buy off the shelf at retail chains, supermarkets or other establishments. The reason for this? Coffee that is being sold through retail establishments usually sits on the shelves for weeks on end because of the time required from the roasting source to the point of sale.

Here are a couple coffee clubs you can take a look at: