Gourmet Coffee – The New Fad

As a coffee drinker, you are possibly not alien to the idea of gourmet coffees. But have you ever pondered and asked what makes gourmet coffees as itself? Is it due to the blend, roast, grind or even possibly flavor?

The obvious answer is all of the above. The truth is that this type of coffee is an amalgamation of all the traits and consideration that you might think that can be tweaked in choosing quality coffee. It is derived from top class beans that are being sold commercially. The types are Robusta and Arabica that hail from different parts of the globe. Robusta is the one being used to have everyday production of instant coffee while Arabica is the choice for gourmet coffees.

These types of coffees are found to be of utmost quality. Coffee is grown all around the world, and because of the many differences in governments, cultures, and religions people do things differently in other lands.

The difference lies in the Arabica’s particularity in it growing conditions. It only exists in high altitudes of tropical regions in the world. These conditions are usually blended for particular soil types that really improve the flavors of these coffees. These gourmet coffees are made from countries like Columbia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Each of these gourmet coffees do have distinct characteristics.

In Arabia and Africa where the roots of coffee making is traced back, it is particular in creating coffees that have a wide array of flavors, mellow taste and fine balance of acidity and taste.  These coffees include those of Kenya, Ethiopia and Yemen.

The Pacific and Oceanic blends have different traits that are rich and full-bloodied gourmet coffees that have a particularly very earthly and nutty smooth quality. This of course hails from the countries of Jamaica, Sumatra and Hawaii.

Also, the roasting process of these gourmet coffees is a bit different than the usual way of doing it. These coffee beans are really well treated to produce the much needed timing, moisture and total content. This is the main reason why gourmet coffee have increased in consumption all over the world.

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