Gourmet Decaffeinated Coffee

If you have an immense love of coffee and all of a sudden, your body doesn’t participate and the doctor tells you to stay away from caffeine, then yo’’re probably feeling like an elephant is sitting on your chest.

Coffee is a darling to many and is a staple in people’s daily routine. To some, it’s the kick that caffeine gives to jumpstart the day or wake up their sleepyheads. To others, it’s the flavor and aroma that are just way too enticing. If you must eliminate caffeine, but luckily, you belong to the ‘others’, then you can still enjoy your daily coffee run as gourmet coffee now come id decaffeinated versions.

Gourmet coffee manufacturers has come up with the idea to cater to all people including those who can’t have caffeine in their systems. However, the taste of decaffeinated coffees is slightly different from that of regular caffeinated ones but the flavor and aroma are up to par.

There are two methods of decaffeinating coffee and they are done before roasting the beans, thus, losing some of the flavors. One method makes use of a solvent to absorb caffeine from the beans and then the beans are washed to get rid of the solvent.

The other method is called Swiss Water. No chemical is used in this method. Instead, the beans are being treated with hot water and steam to take away the caffeine. In this process, coffee beans are likely to lose their oils in which substantial flavors lie.

You can still have flavorful coffee beans though even when you decaffeinate them, provided you only use ones that are of excellent quality. This is mainly the reason why decaffeinated gourmet coffee is rather pricier than the regular ones, but it is worth every penny. No argument there.

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