Gourmet Tea & Coffee Drink Recipes: How to Make an Americano Coffee Drink

Have you ever been to a coffee shop? I’m sure you have. Did you ever see the machines for coffee making, and wondered how they use it?

Take time to watch this video and learn how to make an Americano coffee drink from Natalja Robertsdottir who has been a barista in both Iceland and Canada. In this video you will be captivated by what really an Americano coffee is all about. By watching her video, you’ll understand more the processes related to coffee making.

Also, in this video you’ll appreciate more how they are able to come up with the coffee we all love! That is why you should take some time to watch and simply be amazed how she can share to us a thing or two about coffee. Her tips are simple yet noteworthy.

So for all you coffee lovers out there, here is a video on how to make an Amerciano Coffee by Natalia Robertsdottir.