Historical White Coffee In a Cup

The world is now ready for a new taste. Of course the love for the old timer black coffee will forever remain constant. But to try new things and new drinks would not hurt anybody. All over the globe, coffee enthusiast have managed to love a new kind of coffee that took more than fifty years to be developed. Almost ten years ago, the stipulation for white coffee increased dramatically. Due to the insistent demand from coffee drinkers, more and more shops and restaurants made it a point to include white coffee in their daily menu. Aside from tasting so good, white coffee is also rich in history.

White coffee all started in an old traditional Chinese coffee shop in Ipoh, Malaysia. The place was called Lian Thong where white coffee originated. It took them many years of research and tasting until they were finally ready to serve white coffee to their customers. Being the very first restaurant to serve this unique coffee, customers were immediately hooked to its delicious aroma and lasting taste. Since them, the demand for white coffee moved across several other countries.

Actually, there is no difference when it comes to the coffee beans of white and black coffee. It is still Arabica and Robusta. What differentiates them is the way they are processed. For the conventional black coffee, the beans are roasted along with margarine and sugar for a period of time depending on the desired color and strength. As for the white coffee, it is still roasted with margarine but only that and no more sugar. The period of time is also lesser as compared to the usual black coffee. With the sugar not present in the roasting, it keeps the beans from getting dark color thus the term “white coffee”. Nevertheless, white coffee may look paler but the caffeine content is for a fact higher.

Since white coffee managed to jump from one country to another, it has been made more available for people who are interested in trying it. You can easily look up into the internet and select roaster companies and online stores selling these delightful coffee. Even if it is considered a specialty product, everyone is invited to grab a taste of history served in a little cup.