How can I enhance the coffee in my office?

Question by Mirza Hakimi: How can I enhance the coffee in my office?
In our small office environment, we use an average coffee machine, with supermarket coffee, and some flavored creams and sugar. Nothing extraordinary. We all drink it. What can we do to diversify, and create a sense of “new” with our daily routine?

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Answer by happykat

You get different blends at the supermarket. Ones that are already packed and ones that you can choose and grind.

For each day of the week (Mon-Fri), why don’t you have a flavor/blend for each day?! (There’s the ‘french roast’, ‘colombian roast’, ‘irish cream’ and so on…), So each day everyone can look forward to something different. If you do like this idea, ask the rest of them in the office, take a vote on it and go buy nice flavors. Make sure to accommodate everyone 🙂

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