How can I get the best home brewed coffee?

Question by : How can I get the best home brewed coffee?
I drink a lot of coffee but want better quality coffee. I work the night shift and survive off it. Any and all advice pertaining to home brewed coffee is welcome.

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Answer by CCRN
First of all buy some coffee! What I mean is something that is made in smaller batches and preferably from somewhere close to you that roasts their own beans. Next, if you use it relatively quickly grind it at the store from whole beans or, if you don’t use it quickly bring home whole beans and grind yourself. Finally find a brewing method you like the most. For a very strong cup get a French press but keep in mind that it will be messy. Otherwise get a drip coffee maker that lets you adjust the brewing strength and play with it until you get it to where you like it.

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