How Is Gourmet Coffee Different From Regular Coffee?


Today, the word “gourmet” in gourmet coffee must give you even a slight idea that there is something premium or elite about this coffee, and that’s what gourmet coffee really is!

Gourmet specialty coffee is composed of high quality Arabica beans and is suggested to be consumed within just 3 days after being roasted in order for its original flavor to not be lost. This is way different from your frozen instant coffee that you can just avail of anywhere.

Among the most prominent and leading difference between premium gourmet specialty coffee and your regular cup of Joe is that while gourmet specialty coffee is composed of Arabica beans, instant or regular coffee is typically from the lower quality and cheaply available Robusta beans. Robusta beans are known to have a quicker cycle of production and are there available at a more affordable price and more readily than Arabica.

Coffee makers usually opt for the cheaper Robusta beans to produce their coffee, thus sacrificing the quality of their goods. For the most part, they mix Robusta and Arabica beans to make the coffee taste better.

However, if you’re really rooting for Gourmet Coffee then you are better off choosing 100% Arabica brews, and you are bound to be awestruck by its aroma and flavor!

When you’re on the lookout for the right gourmet coffee, it will be best if you take into consideration some significant questions which can hint at the intentions of the seller. For example, does the seller give all the information like the date of packaging, kind of beans made use of (Arabica or Robusta), or whether they are selling grounded coffee or whole beans? Stuff like this, you get the picture. More to these, be sure to review and go to the forums. They can give all the information you require.