How To Buy & Start A Coffee Shop Franchise

A large portion of the population drinks coffee on a regular basis. You can take advantage of this market by starting your own coffee shop franchise. You can find appropriate franchises to join on the internet or even by going to exhibitions in your area.

You should be aware that a coffee shop franchise will require a significant upfront investment on your part. You can expect to pay anywhere between $100,000 and $300,000 just to get the business started. This is not including the franchise fees and percentage of your yearly sales that you have to pay.

Most people don’t have this much cash on hand to start this type of business. If you’re one of them, then you should look for a franchise that offers direct financial assistance. At the very least, they should be able to set you up with a good lender.

There are also various types of coffee franchises that you can join. If you want to keep things simple without requiring a significant investment, you could simply setup a cart or mobile unit that offers coffee. There are also opportunities for you to setup a drive-through shop or even a traditional coffee house.

You will need to take your time and pick out your location carefully. Having a suitable location is vital to the success of any business. Your ideal location will largely depend on the type of business you choose to start. A mobile unit can be placed virtually anywhere, but a traditional coffee house will obviously need a building.

It’s important that you research your competition. You may not want to compete directly with big-name brands like Starbucks. If there are too many coffee shops in the area, then you should strongly consider choosing another location. Some franchises have restrictions in the areas that you can operate in, so keep that in mind.

Once you have officially started your business, you will need customers to keep it going. Your franchiser should have included marketing services in the fees that you paid. If they don’t, then you definitely chose the wrong one. You should also consider doing your own unique marketing since every little bit helps.

Starting a coffee shop franchise is a big investment, but there is a large market for you to take advantage of. If you don’t have the funds, then consider joining a franchise that offer direct assistance or can set you up with a lender. Make sure you don’t try to compete directly with big-name brands by setting up too close to their location.

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