I’m on my third cup of coffee and still tired?

Question by lauren b: I’m on my third cup of coffee and still tired?
Should I just take a nap? Is all this coffee bad for me?
This would make a total of five cups of coffee today,one at breakfast and one at lunch, vs my usual two.

It’s probably because this new coffee isn’t very good or something.

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Answer by Authentically Angela


Our bodies have a neat way of making sure everything stays in balance. If you prolong what your body is asking for it actually worsens the effect of being off a regular sleep cycle. When you deny what your body is asking for, rest or a good deep sleep, there is a chemical process that takes place and it’s counter productive. Your body creates adrenaline to fight of fatigue, and you enter what we call the flight or fight syndrome. Then there’s just a nasty onslaught of hormones that our body pumps out to ‘help’ keep you awake. And when you do actually lay down to sleep your body doesn’t get the deep REM sleep it actually needs. If you have unhealthy sleep habits it can effect your work performance, attention span, emotions, and ultimately cut into your immune system making you more prone to sickness. It’s just a vicious cycle. So if at all possible, take a nap, and stick to a regular sleep schedule.

I however have to disagree about coffee being ‘bad for you’. Although, it is important to watch the amount of caffeine you consume in other products, especially if you may be sensitive to caffeine. Most people don’t know that a major source of their daily antioxidants is found right in their cup of joe. Neat huh? Depending on the coffee you drink and where it’s from Coffee can actually be VERY good for you.

I hope that information helps. If possible, I do suggest trying to take a nap, and after your rested then grab a cup of good joe.

Best Regards,
Authentically Angela

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