Is Gourmet Coffee Too Expensive?

Coffee is always a delectable treat that you can wake up to in the morning, and I bet that a lot of people cannot do without it. What type of coffee beans do you enjoy in your cup of Joe? Regular ones will just cost you $0.75 per cup. However, gourmet blend will run you about a staggering amount of five dollars for each cup. Pretty hefty, isn’t it?

One of the mains reasons that this particulars issue is brought to light is because it’s been observed that a lot of college students are wasting their student loan money on gourmet coffee drinking. Apparently, student loans are approved to be able to cover for their costs of living, but a lot of financial advisers are wondering precisely how important are daily runs of Java for these students? A cup of gourmet coffee a day is definitely going to add up and will not help you by any means if you’re trying cut back on costs and paying off your student loans.

Truth is, you could actually cut out the need to go to these crowded coffee shops and spare your daily latte allowance. You may buy your own premium espresso machine which allows you to whip up your own cup of gourmet coffee at a more affordable price.

Another interesting fact to keep be pondering is the most expensive coffee bean in the world, Kopi Luwak. This type of coffee is derived from the excrement of tree cats, and they can cost you for around $200 per pound.

To get back on track, if you buy your own machine and brew coffee at home, it could be costing you only two dollars each cup. Huge difference, it is! This habit can save you tons of money over the long haul, and it will be sparing you some time, because you will no longer have to waste time swinging by the coffee houses that are usually packed with coffee drinkers.

Pay less for your favorite drink, and have your cup of Joe at its best with the highest quality control possible – made by you yourself!