Is Kona Coffee really the best?

open minded one Asked: Is Kona Coffee really the best?

I have tried to find a coffee that tastes better than premium Kona but to no avail! The coffee specialist at the coffee store said it was just overpriced and rare, but I actually think it tastes best…What is you favorite? I mean the best, not the best deal, the best flavor!! Peace


Rastasquatch Answered:
Freshly roasted, freshly ground Kona beans are really hard to beat.

But since you apparently live in an area where there is an actual coffee store (where they sell actually beans, not just flavored coffee, right?), I would imagine that you have access to fresh beans and blends from all over the world. Many of these would rival the Kona, and depending on your taste and the drink you are looking for, you will find many that you like better. I suggest buying a quarter or half pound of a different bean or blend each week to find out for your self. Beans from africa, yemen, brazil, colombia- it could be quite a pleasant experiment.

Origin of the bean aside, the best coffee will always be from freshly roasted beans that are properly ground just prior to going into the pot. The plain old under-appreciated arabica bean will blow your mind if you do it right.

Good luck and enjoy.

Fonzy Answered:
depending on its use, for a caffiene rush shell gas stations brew this high-rev octane booster brew that will make you shyt yourself, but man does it wake you up. best tasting, i think, is a medium hazlenut roast. kona classic aint bad if its from the island but the stuff in vons sucks…

Chris Answered:
Jamaican Blue Mountain is outstanding.For Kona, the peaberry is the best.It is mush harder to find than normal Kona, but could be worth the trip to Hawaii.

The cole train Answered:
far from the best.

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