Keeping Gourmet Coffee Fresh

There are factors that affect the freshness of gourmet coffee, and the main ones are air, heat, light, and moisture. Expose your coffee to these elements for a stretch of time and its quality will surely decline.

When gourmet coffee is exposed to air, chances are, it will oxidize quicker than when kept in an air-tight container. The rapid oxidization causes the taste of the gourmet coffee to also rapidly become stale.

After coffee beans are roasted, they release carbon dioxide and undergo a chemical process that changes it flavor over time. When they are exposed in massive amounts of light and extreme heat, they tend to undergo these processes much quicker and can easily become rancid.

Moisture in gourmet coffee can be caused by putting them in the freezer or the fridge, and this usually dampens the flavor and quality of the coffee beans. When you freeze your coffee, the water molecules also freeze. And when they thaw, the water tends to condense on the outside of the grounds causing weakness on the robustness of the coffee ground. It can also cause the coffee to spoil quicker.

So your storage container is of the essence in keeping the freshness of your gourmet coffee grounds. Make sure you always store them in an air-tight opaque container as it helps get rid of both air and light because if you leave it in its original packaging, unnecessary light and air will enter since it cannot be sealed properly. Also, store them in cool and dark places such as cabinets and pantries, never to direct heat or sunlight.

In addition to that, you may want to buy coffee in individual coffee packets. Since when you purchase a full pack, it tends to be only fresh in the beginning but will spoil before you can even finish the whole pack. Also, single packets can give perfect amounts for one pot or serving. You can get these packets from any coffee sellers, even online.

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