KitchenAid 7-oz. Pro Line Burr Coffee Grinder


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For gourmet coffee that tastes just like your favorite coffee house, try grinding your beans fresh before you brew. This commercial-style burr coffee mill from the KitchenAid Pro Line series is designed with large cutting burrs and offers 15 grind sizes from espresso fine to French press-coarse. And despite its rugged, professional size, the system runs at a low 450 RPMs, so it causes minimum frictional heating of grinds and produces little noise. Special controls deliver coffee to burrs rather than requiring you to pour them in at once, resulting in excellent consistency and better-tasting coffee. Other highlights include a bin seal plate, easy burr removal for cleaning and under-cabinet design so you can keep it on display at all times. 120 volts. 150 watt dc motor. Wood-handled brush removes grinds thoroughly.


Reviews from users on

Serious Grinder for Seriously Good Coffee
“This is an excellent coffee grinder. It has a powerful, yet quiet motor and the grind selection dial is robust. The straight, vertical path of beans through the grinder makes it very trouble free. The only downsides are it is big, heavy and takes up a fair amount of counter space. This is a serious grinder, but it makes seriously good coffee.”

The real deal in burr coffee grinders
“Pay more for something that will last, I always say. Done with cheap coffee grinders, the Kitchen Aid keeps our whole family of coffee drinkers happy. Sturdy,
makes better tasting coffee than blade grinders. My wife was aghast that I paid so much for a grinder but she became a believer instantly.”

Best grinder we’ve ever had
“We tried several grinders and a blender because we had trouble spending 199.00 on a coffee grinder. After wasting 40 dollars here and 30 dollars there on grinders we just weren’t thrilled with, we broke down and bought this one. We have a coffee bar with a drip coffee maker, an espresso maker, we buy coffee beans from a roaster in TX, it just didn’t make sense not to have the best coffee grinder we could find.
“Five years later and we are still as happy with this coffee grinder as the day we bought it. Every morning I have freshly ground espresso, then change the grind and grind coffee for the drip coffee maker to take a thermos of coffee to work. I’ve had no problem with the bottom being *flimsy* and I’m not the most graceful of people. It is glass, and I’m sure if I dropped it there would be breakage, just like anything else that’s glass. I know the price seems steep, but if we’d not spent some here and some there on grinders we didn’t love, we could have had this one a lot earlier.”


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