Kona Coffee – Loved Across The Globe

Coffee is popular as a source of warmth and can be a great picker-upper especially when you are physically and mentally drained. Across the globe, coffee is known as one the most loved non-alcoholic beverage, along with tea and hot chocolate. There are two types of category that defines the quality of coffee which consist of Arabica and Robusta.

Kona coffee, which is under the Arabica category, is known to be one of the priciest coffee all over the world.

The factor for a certain coffee to be considered as Kona officially is weather. The weather that suits this coffee is mainly bright sunny mornings, cold rainy afternoons and slow yet steady nights. Such weather serves as a really great coffee growing factor! Aside from weather, the soil should be rich and nutritious.

In Hawaii, the soil has a good combination of minerals and acids, as well as good supply of water to the coffee bean. It is a dark colored volcanic soil. Simply put, the method involved in picking the coffee beans is by manual which is non machinery. This is to make sure that the beans are handled carefully. By doing such, finest quality beans could be harvested. And then, it will be distributed and sent for retailing to make coffee lovers smile from ear to ear.

Kona coffee is perfect for those who are true blue coffee lovers as it has a full bodied flavor with breathtaking aroma. That said, you can’t say you’re a real fanatic of coffee if you haven’t tried Kona coffee yet. It represents elegance, luxury and reputation. Just a good sip can take the stress of the day away. It is deemed a perfect escape from reality especially when you’re having a bad day!