Office Coffee Is More Versatile Than Ever

Office coffee is not what it used to be. No longer are the days of mixing cheap instant granules with tepid water, heated on an electric plate. Machines vary from standard to elaborate, and there are a wide variety of flavors and specialty drinks available. Whether for a tiny area, or for a corporate building with multiple break rooms, the possibilities are tempting and tasty.

There are numerous occasions for indulging in a cup of caffeine, or in a similar treat of the non-caffeinated type. Millions of employees rely on mid-morning servings, and on re-fueling in the afternoon. For a lot of people, their routines do not seem to be complete, unless a welcoming pot awaits them in the office kitchenette. Because so many workers now drink coffee on a regular basis, and because there is such an impressive array of delicious options, specialty drinks like mochas are frequently offered at meetings and parties, as well.

Depending on need, places of employment can provide the bare minimum, which might be a simple pot, or they may wish to use a more advanced apparatus. Machines that make the drink have evolved considerably, over the last several years, to reflect growing interest in beverages like cappuccino and decaffeinated latte. Espresso machines, once seen only in restaurants and cafes, are now available for any location, including offices.

Espresso drinks are always popular, and they are as present in a lot of workplaces, as they are in coffee shops. Many law firms, medical practices, beauty salons and auto dealerships have wisely included small machines in their back rooms, break rooms, and waiting areas. Customers and clients, as well as employees and business owners, appreciate a refreshing beverage, to help pass the time before a meeting or appointment.

Selections range from simple cappuccinos, to low in fat, no-sugar mochas. They can be hot and steamy, with a pile of foam, or chilled and iced, for days with hotter temperatures. For larger parties, a few machines may be required, and blended drinks can be as unique and diverse as the people enjoying them. Many coffee-makers come with pamphlets describing the most popular drinks and how to make them, in addition to instruction manuals.

There are an immense amount of choices, when it comes to types and flavors. Selections vary from subtle and sweet, to bold and strong. Some flavors have withstood the test of time, like hazelnut and amaretto, and French roast and vanilla are more classic favorites. Others are less traditional, such as peppermint-mocha, buttered-toast, and a host of additional creative ideas.

Holidays and company theme parties are ideal circumstances for sampling coffees, especially those flavored like eggnog, Irish cream, and even pumpkin pie. An event catered with Mexican food is even better, when finished with delicious cups of Mexican coffee, a cocoa and cinnamon-sugar concoction. Anything that tastes like chocolate is bound to find a loyal following, and vanilla-bean is perfect for birthdays and employee anniversaries.

Whether or not to serve coffee in the workplace, no longer seems to be a relevant question. The real issues now are, how much of it is needed, and what kinds should be considered. With so many choices and flavors, that can be a complex decision, and as personnel changes, so will preferences. One thing, however, is certain: office coffee Toronto never again has to be boring, bitter, and lukewarm; instead, it has been modernized, and comes in an exciting new world of tantalizing options.

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