Offices on a Budget Reward Employees with Gourmet Coffee

Article by Jenn Weesies

Your break room is a lot more than just a place for your staff to regroup and enjoy the beverages, snacks, and camaraderie. It can be a low-cost place to show your employees that you care, and to demonstrate that the human resource manager or office manager is being creative and innovative for the company.

According to a WorldatWork survey of 875 human resources professionals, the second most utilized tool in today’s world of flat-pay and extra hours are non-cash rewards and recognition. Anything that demonstrates to employees that management still cares about their personal well being is helping preserve office morale. Most employees understand that with the current financial state of some companies, cash rewards and annual bonuses are just not an option. However, it is in the best interest of employers to seek out other ways to keep a positive and caring attitude at work.

The break-room is an excellent arena to demonstrate that management still cares about employees despite their inability to provide cash bonuses. Improve the quality and variety of your coffee by upgrading to premium and gourmet coffee blends that your employees desire. These are now readily available, with same day shipment from an online coffee supplier. Gourmet coffee blends can be made in your office from Starbucks, Caribou and Green Mountain for far less than you think, thanks to online cheaper coffee distributers. You can have two whole pre-measured 64 ounce decanters of delicious Starbucks gourmet coffee in your office for your employees for what they would stand in line and pay for just one cup!

Imagine the low cost “boost” to your employees when they discover their favorite premium and gourmet coffee blends at their fingertips. Even if you don’t want to buy it regularly, you could make every Monday employee appreciation day with the gourmet coffee blends from Starbucks, Caribou and Green Mountain coffee. Maybe it’s a special month, achievement, or what have you; be creative with your recognition!

Premium blends in pre-measured packages like Folgers coffee and Maxwell House coffee are readily available from the online cheaper coffee providers if you don’t want to buy gourmet. Some even provide filters at no charge. You can save money and coffee preparation time with these pre-measured coffee blends.

Besides the “non-cash” morale boost by ordering online, you reduce your company’s liability risk by employees going off-site to pick up coffee for the office in their personal vehicles. You can order online from a cheaper coffee supplier and have the pre-measured coffee delivered right to your place of work. Orders are shipped same day to ensure that your break-room is always stocked. Easy credit card use helps you monitor and categorize expenses and prevent employees from having to use their personal funds to buy office coffee. No more having to keep track of receipts and issue petty cash reimbursements.

If you are looking for non-cash rewards and recognition for your staff then start in the break-room. Buying gourmet coffee like Starbucks, Caribou and Green Mountain as well as other premium blends like Folgers coffee and Maxwell House coffee shows employees that you care about their mood and their tastes. Even if your company is short on cash simple rewards like high quality gourmet coffee can go a long way. Save yourself the time, liability and money by ordering online from a cheaper coffee supplier.

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