Online Shopping For Quality White Coffee

Coffee lovers all over the world swear by a new trend in coffee which was actually developed over fifty years ago. It is called white coffee. In the past 10 years, the demand for it has been on continually rising and coffee shops and restaurants now give customers a taste of this sensational brew.

The owners of ‘Lian Thong’, which is an old traditional Chinese coffee shop in Ipoh, Malaysia were basically the first ones who came up with white coffee. They discovered this unique and aromatic white coffee blend after some years of testing and research. ‘Lian Thong’ was the first restaurant that serves white coffee to customers who were instantly taken aback by its aromatic and lingering taste.

Since then, the demand for this particular type of coffee has moved from Malaysia to many other countries. Coffee producers are also catering to the rising demand for this coffee all over the world by means of selling white coffee through retail outlets, as well as online stores.

White coffee and black coffee are made from the same species of coffee beans, the Arabica and Robusta. The only difference is the way they are processed. For the conventional black coffee, your roast the coffee beans with margarine and sugar for some time, and it depends on the desired brew color as well as desired strength. On the other hand, for the white coffee, the beans are roasted only with margarine for a short period of time. Since there is no sugar, it keeps the coffee beans from getting dark, hence the name ‘white coffee’.

White coffee is brewed for a shorter period of time as compared to traditional black coffee blends. Obviously, the color of white coffee is lighter yet the caffeine content is higher.

White Coffee is a specialty product, and it’s not exactly accessible to everyone right now. It is available only in select coffee roaster, online stores, and coffee shops selling exclusive coffee beans. That said, the best place for you to get your dose of white coffee beans is from a trusted online store.

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