Please help me make coffee?

Aly Lynn Asked: Please help me make coffee?

Okay, well it’s my first time making coffee. Please don’t laugh. I put the grounds in the filter and the water in the container, I assembled the coffee maker and then I pressed power. Now it’s making VERY strange sounds and I don’t know if i’m doing it right? Please help?


Gary D Answered:
ha hahahaha… this is classic.
Go to youtube and see how they do it.
I cant stop laughing..
Shalom Answered:
Coffee maker do make strange sounds, so don’t worry, it will be just fine.
carmac Answered:
It’s brewing.All coffee makers make noises.
shelovesdablues Answered:
Order a box of Organo Gold it’s instant gourmet coffee all you need is 8oz of hot water. The coffee pot thing is overrated. good luck.
LadyG Answered:
Yes, this is normal. It is the coffee getting hot from the water and making coffee. Coffee coming through the machine will make this sound. Like, at StarBucks when you get coffee or special drinks.
Kelly Answered:
These are coffee sounds. It’s normal.

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