Premium Gourmet Coffee

Premium Gourmet Coffee

The meaning of Gourmet is a fine food or drink that has been judged by an expert to be excellent. But what factors make coffee gourmet?

First, consider the type of the coffee plant and the growing conditions of the coffee which take account of the soil, the climate, and the altitude of where it is planted.

Maintenance of the trees is also vital and, when harvesting, hand-picking is most excellent. Also, the curing processes are taken into consideration and these processes include fermentation, washing and drying.

Premium Gourmet Coffee

premium gourmet coffee starts with the beans and continues through your drinking experience

The sorting, sizing, and selecting of the beans are of the essence as well. Of course, roasting is a big factor. And when it comes to packaging, the valve-sealed ones are the best. Storage of the coffee is also significant. And when grinding, do so just before brewing, and it is best that you use a Burr Grinder. Last but not least is brewing and French Press in known to be the best.

Where to Get Premium Gourmet Coffee

The best place to avail yourself of gourmet coffee beans is from a coffee roaster, and there are tons to choose from. They all have special techniques, recipes, and philosophies about coffee.

Coffees from Arabia and Africa are sweet with an acidity that is rather sparkling, and with a fruity aroma.  It has a good balance of body and acidity. Body, by the way, is the feel of the coffee on your tongue while acidity is the sharpness to the front of the mouth and dryness at the back of the mouth and under the edges of the tongue. American coffees, on the other hand, are typically light to medium-bodied with lively acidity and have sweet and clean finish in the mouth. While Asian, Indonesian, and Pacific coffees are full-bodied and have a lower acidity and with earthy and nutty finish to it. They are often used by some of the most established selling coffee blends.

There are several factors that make a coffee gourmet, and it not only refers to the coffee itself but we are talking about the whole experience that comes with it.  From the harvesting of beans to the roasting, from the grinding to the brewing of the drink itself, and finally the moment you take a sip.  All of these elements lead to the premium gourmet coffee experience.