Proper Storage of Gourmet Coffee

There are many elements that will have an effect on the freshness of gourmet coffee, the most significant ones being air, heat, light, and moisture. Exposure of coffee beans to such elements for a long period of time and its quality will definitely decline.

When you expose your gourmet coffee to air, there is a high possibility that it will oxidize much quicker than when you keep it in an air-tight container. Such quick oxidization will make the taste of the gourmet coffee to quickly become stale.

After roasting the coffee beans, they will give off carbon dioxide and will be going through a chemical process that changes it flavor as time goes by. When you expose them in remarkable amounts of light and extreme heat, chances are, they will undergo these processes much quicker and will quickly become rancid.

Moisture in gourmet coffee could be brought about by placing them in the freezer or your refrigerator, and this typically dampens the flavor, as well as the quality of the coffee beans. When you freeze your coffee, the water molecules also freeze. And when they thaw, the water will condense on the outside of the grounds, hence bringing about weakness on the flavor of the coffee ground. It also makes to coffee spoil quicker.

That being said, your storage container is essential in keeping your gourmet coffee grounds fresh. See to it that you always put them in an air-tight opaque container, given that it helps dodge air and light. If you leave them in their original packaging, unnecessary light and air will creep in since you can’t seal them properly. More to these, store them in cool and dark places like cabinets and pantries, and never to direct heat or sunlight.

Moreover, try opting for coffee in individual coffee packets, considering when you purchase a full pack, it tends to be only fresh in the beginning. In just a matter of time,  it will spoil before you can even finish the whole pack. Additionally, single packets are able to give perfect amounts for one pot or serving. You can get such packets from any coffee sellers, even on the Internet.

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