Q&A: Coffee, Can the average person taste the difference?

Question by hulaguy43: Coffee, Can the average person taste the difference?
Can the average person taste the difference of a high end cup of coffee. I am going to rule out McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts and refer to the more exotic blends from your Starbucks and Caribou’s and other Specialty Coffee Shops. Can a person discern between Sumatran and Columbian, Kona and Ethiopian, or is good coffee just that, good coffee? I realize there are “super tasters” and “coffee snobs”, but I am referring to the average “Joe” so to speak, can they really tell the difference? Cheers!

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Answer by clicksqueek

Yes, most people should be able to taste a difference between Colombian and Sumatran, etc.
The clearest way to detect the differences is to do a direct comparison between two or three different coffees in one sitting–get one small cup of each variety, let them cool off a bit (it’s very hard to truly taste any coffee when it’s boiling hot), and take some small sips of each one, one after the other.

But you will need to drink these coffe samples “black”–putting in 3 spoons of sugar and a big slug of cream will mask the flavor of any coffee, and they will all tend to taste the same.

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