Q&A: What is the healthiest way to prepare coffee?

Question by frozen: What is the healthiest way to prepare coffee?
I don’t drink coffee, but I am told that there are health benefits to coffee, such as reducing the chance of senility and cancer. I also read that the health and harmful effects of coffee depends on the way the coffee is prepared. Can someone suggest the healthiest way to prepare coffee, should I get a specific type of coffee maker, and get a specific brand of coffee? I don’t care about calories, I need to gain weight, but I do care about the other long term health effects of coffee.

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Answer by Natural coffee bean

I love your question. Yes… there are a lot of health benefits to coffee. Black coffee is the best. If you have not been a coffee drinker and not worried about calories you could add cream. The most important thing is that you need to drink organic coffee. If it’s not organic you might be crossing out the health benefits due to the pesticides and herbicides. Non-organic coffee is often heavily dosed in harsh chemicals to increase production.

You will want fresh coffee. Coffee ages quickly. It’s the opposite of wine. You will need to discover which roast is your favorite. Dark, Medium & Light.

As far as preparation, brewing and espresso methods are best. French Press makes great tasting coffee but I have heard that because the oils are not filtered out, there are issues with cholesterol. I don’t know enough about it to say for certain but since you are specifically asking about health benefits, I needed to mention that.

I am always looking for information on the health benefits of coffee. I just started a blog today and will have it up on my website soon. The goal is to help educate people on the benefits of coffee.

Good luck and enjoy.

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