Q&A: What kind of coffee you buy from the grocery store has the most caffeine?

Question by Joshua: What kind of coffee you buy from the grocery store has the most caffeine?
I drink coffee every morning and i usually drink Folgers but i want a coffee that has a little more caffeine, what brand has the most?

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Answer by Tom ツ
The caffeine content of an average 5 ounce cup of coffee can vary from 40-150 mg. Two influencing factors are the variety of coffee bean and where it is grown; both can be affected by such things as soil conditions, length of growing season, and time of harvest. Even coffee grown in the same general region will vary in caffeine content.

Three more controllable factors are how finely the beans are ground before coffee making and the method and length of time used for brewing the coffee. The drip method, with fine ground, used in machines like Mr. Coffee, generally yields the highest amount of caffeine, ranging from 110-150 mg per five ounce cup. Percolated coffee is next highest in caffeine, ranging from 64-124 mg. Isn’t it interesting that many people say that brewed coffee tastes best? Instant coffee may be lower in caffeine averaging between 40-108 mg per cup.

Decaffeinated coffee, despite its name, does contain some caffeine, although only about 2-5 mg per five ounce cup

Here is information on caffeine content based on brew method

5 ounces of Drip Method coffee contains the most caffeine at 110-150 milligrams

5 ounces of Percolated coffee contains 64-124 milligrams

5 ounces of Instant contains 40 -108 milligrams

5 ounces of Decaf contains 2-5 milligrams

5 ounces of Instant Decaf contains 2 milligrams

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