Seattle’s Best French Roasted, 12-Ounce

Seattle’s Best French Roasted, 12-Ounce

Seattle's Best French Roasted, 12-Ounce

  • Size/Capacity: 12-oz.

Coffee Character Profile -Level 5: When you walk into a room, everybody notices. Similar to French Roast and Organic Sumatra. You’ve never lost a staring contest. Self-assured and focused, you’ve got what it takes to be a leader in both work and play. Flavor Profile: Roasty aroma, rich flavor with low acidity and body. What is the Level System? Ever notice how there are a thousand different names for coffee and about a million different ways to describe it? Well, we decided to simplify everything – by describing our coffee in levels. Level 1 being our lightest and mildest and level 5 being our boldest and darkest, with unique blends at every level in between. A system that makes super delicious premium coffee also super easy to get to. Whatever level you choose, enjoy..

List Price: $ 8.49

Price: $ 12.75

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