Simonelli Aurelia Semi-Automatic 4 group commercial espresso machine Simonelli Aurelia Semi-Automatic 4 group commercial espresso machine Brand New 2010 model We use Simonelli Aurelia Espresso Machines at Javaxotic Gourmet Coffee, and we LOVE Them!!! We know that the heart of your coffee shop business is the espresso machine. If it breaks down, so does your business! Unlike most other websites that sell commercial equipment, we actually run a real gourmet Coffee House, and know from our own experience what works and what doesn’t. The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia is an engineering marvel and is the only espresso machine designed using computed theoretical models to achieve temperature stability. In order to achieve its high level of temperature stability, every aspect of the machine had to be perfectly balanced and engineered to exacting standards. The result is an amazing and truly remarkable system that self-stabilizes using its own water and a single heat source to maintain thermal equilibrium. Water delivered to the coffee is always fresh, controllable and pH balanced. The superior espresso extraction is evident in the cup and to your senses. All of this technology is packed into a machine that delivers high performance, reliability, and withstands the test of time. Please call about other colors available & pricing.