Single Origin Coffee

You can never compare a hot cup of gourmet coffee with a mere processed coffee you bought at a grocery store you came across on the street. They are worlds apart. They are different from each other in ways you can never imagine if you’ve never tried the former.

Gourmet coffee has a classic and typical taste and a unique and distinct aroma from the beans. The texture and the aftertaste that it has never fail to leave gourmet coffee lovers in a Zen place. Gourmet coffee is generally never bitter as compare to regular coffee. Like a good wine which is known to have a distinctive flavor, a quality gourmet coffee is prepared to give coffee drinkers a pleasurable experience every time.

Gourmet coffee marketing is also different from how regular coffee is marketed. They come in whole beans and they are almost always sourced from estates that are known to possess specific and unique characteristics.

If you are a true blue coffee lover like you claim to be, you should know the distinct properties of different estates. Every estate has its own unique characteristics, familiarize yourself around these stuff and you’re bound to know which properties work for your discriminating taste. Thus, your next coffee orders will be directed to a specific estate.

Gourmet coffee processing is way slower in comparison to ordinary coffee in order for the coffee beans to retain its full flavor and aroma. Take for example the Kopi Luwak you tasted from the Philippines. You probably found a muted acidity with an aroma of roasted nuts plus dark chocolate along with a syrupy and chocolaty aftertaste to it. The place where coffee is cultivated actually plays a big part on the taste, acidity, aroma, and aftertaste of a coffee bean.

That being said, coffee experts have come up with the concept of single origin coffee over the years. The same bean could have a different taste when it is being cultivated in different estates even in the same region. This is one of the reasons why an estate coffee is a step ahead of single origin coffee.

The soil where the coffee is grown as well as the climate, the species, the altitude, and the coffee processing methods define a single origin coffee.

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