Single Serving Coffee Maker Suggestion Wanted

Question by Scott: Single Serving Coffee Maker Suggestion Wanted
Here’s the deal. I am a student and have a nice 16 oz mug for the car. I am the only person at my house who drinks coffee. I do not currently brew it at home but would like to. As a result I need a coffee maker.

I plan to buy premium coffee from Whole Foods or Starbucks and want to make it taste as good as it does when they make it. Plus I won’t have to drive out of my way to get it.

I can’t make a full pot since I only enjoy a cup a day in the morning and don’t want to be wasteful or have to clean it a lot. I am looking for 12-16 oz cups.

Is this doable? Any tips or suggestions? Thanks!

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Answer by Lindylou
You can buy the small coffee makers but why not buy a regular one and only make it part way? Then when you have company, you can make more. Also the smaller ones are sometimes more expensive. The main thing is to use distilled water so the pot will last much longer.

We have a Bunn which costs a lot but has been a good coffeepot for many years. It is also very fast. It has water in it at all times so when you pour your new water into it, the coffee comes out immediately.

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