Solis Master 5000 Digital Espresso Machine

Welcome to the next generation of Super Automatic espresso makers. The Solis Master 5000 Digital offers the simplicity, reliability and gourmet quality coffee already present in the popular Master 5000 model, and adds extra functionality and customization. The first thing you see on the Master 5000 Digital is an easy-to-read, backlit LCD display that will guide you completely through the coffee making process. The LCD panel also gives you unprecedented control over the machine. You can adjust the quantity of coffee and water. You can set the water temperature to your liking, and change it on the fly, depending on your roast type. In a heavy use environment, you can set the machine to pregrind, so it is always ready to start brewing a shot at the touch of a button. You can choose whether to have preinfusion or not. Almost every aspect of your coffee and espresso production can be controlled and modified via the LCD panel. The machine has built in brains as well. The LCD panel will track the machine’s progress as it prepares and brews the coffee or espresso. It will warn you when drawers are full, the water is low, the temperature is too high or low, and other variables. The Solis Master 5000 Digital is perfect for busy homes and small office environments where a no nonsense machine packed with features is ready to deliver first class expresso and coffee. The Solis Master 5000 Digital is a state of the art super <b>…</b>